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San Bernardino vending machines

Vending Machines for your Exciting San Bernardino Business

There are multiple benefits of having vending machines in the office, which is why San Bernardino businesses love First Class Vending. We enjoy catering to your specific needs with our vending supply products. We have cold food vending machines, food vending machines, and snack vending machines, along with Coca-Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines. Whether you are seeking carbonated beverages or non-carbonated beverages, First Class Vending can find the perfect solution for your San Bernardino Business.

Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration Available for All San Bernardino Businesses

First Class Vending prides itself in quality office coffee service. Breakrooms should have fully stocked shelves, hot beverages, and impeccable coffee service. Our coffee machines are more than qualified to handle large quantities of delicious coffee. The latest advances in brewed technology allow us to give you the best office coffee service in San Bernardino. In addition, our airpots keep large amounts of coffee warm and tasty, even after it has sat for some time.

Water filtration service is another benefit of First Class Vending. Our water service depends on your business needs. San Bernardino businesses have the option of either countertop or floor standing models. In addition, we have water units, which offer both hot or cold water. Our water filtration units hook directly into your water line, allowing you to utilize your current water in a fresher, healthier way.
San Bernardino office coffee service

San Bernardino Celebrates the Micro-Market

Employees can freely walk around the open market and view labels with the micro-market. As a small corner store, you give employees their own little convenience store. The open coolers and wracks creates an inviting environment for employees. Additionally, the micro-market is extremely convenient. Once San Bernardino employees are done shopping, they can quickly stroll away with the self-checkout kiosks, allowing them to use their credit card or debit card – or even their mobile phone.

If you are ready to embark on a fun, convenient way to thank your San Bernardino employees, please call us at 800.515.VEND or email us at info@firstclassmicromarkets.com.