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A winning refreshment solution your employees will love

Try micro-markets
Around the clock grab and go convenience and a huge variety of products

Expert micro-markets and vending machines placed throughout southern California and Las Vegas

Las Vegas woman enjoying a Los Angeles micro-market and vending machine

Transform your break room with an open store concept

Offer out-of-the-box refreshment using a micro market from First Class Vending with more options and 24/7 operation.

First Class Vending micro-markets aren’t your typical southern California or Las Vegas refreshment. These open concept break room solutions offer hundreds of different product selections not typically offered in vending machines. The customized racks and glass front coolers allow users to examine items before purchasing at the secure, easy to use self-checkout kiosk.

Hundreds of snacks & beverages

Healthy and fresh food options

Secure self-checkout kiosk

Pleasing break room layout designs

Customized product offerings

Employee preferred over vending

Inspire your employees with more delicious choices

Discover the difference

Fresh micro-market and vending machine sandwich in Los Angeles

Gourmet meats, flavorful cheeses and artisan breads are just some of the ways we set our food above the competition.

Healthy granola from micro-market and vending machine in Las Vegas

Don't miss the most important meal of the day -- explore our delicious breakfast menu packed with nutrients.

Las Vegas granola bars from micro-market service and vending machines

Whether you’re looking for more fiber, protein, or energy, we have a vast selection of bars to get you what you crave.

Fresh Los Angeles salad from micro-market service and vending machine

The classic healthy food bursting with fresh ingredients, crisp veggies, and delicious additions, our salads rival local restaurants.

Micro-market kiosks and vending machines in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Pay YOUR way at the micro-market kiosk

Whether you prefer the convenience of credit/debit card or the promotional benefits of a micro-market account, we offer easy and secure ways to purchase productivity enhancing refreshment.

Operates 24/7 including holidays and weekends
Accepts multiple payment options including cashless
Employees scan only the items they wish to purchase
Connected to the internet for real-time status and data

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Ensure employees your company culture is at the cutting edge of refreshment with micro-market from First Class Vending at 800.515.VEND or info@firstclassmicromarkets.com.