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Redlands vending machines

A Full Vending Machine Selection for Redlands

Looking for a way to keep your Redlands staff full and energized throughout the day? Go with a vending machine service from First Class Vending. Our vending machines offer every type of product – including Coke/Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines and frozen food vending machines. Whatever you choose, you can select from hundreds of products to fill them. We’ll even cater to special requests. Our vending machines feature some of the latest in technologies, such as guaranteed product delivery. No more having to shake a vending machine when a product gets stuck just before dropping. Our infrared beams can detect if a product drops, and signals an immediate refund in instances where the machine doesn’t provide the product.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration to Keep Redlands Employees Fueled

Redlands offices want great tasting coffee to keep employees happy and productive, and First Class Vending can provide it. We have single-cup brewers for those offices with many unique coffee preferences, or traditional coffee brewers that offer larger quantities. Regardless of type, our brewers feature the latest in coffee brewing technology, letting people adjust brewing settings and keep coffee hotter and fresher longer. Beyond supplying you with the brewers and coffee, we’ll also provide other breakroom necessities, such as stir sticks, plates, cups, napkins, filters, creamers and sweeteners.

If you need a better office water solution, we have that covered too. Our water filters, available in counter top or floor standing units, connect to your water supply to remove the impurities that cause bad taste. Stop messing with heavy, awkward 5-gallon water jugs to offer better water. Take care of it at the source, and let people enjoy better water – hot or cold – right from the tap.
Redlands office coffee service

Micro-Markets Ready to Go in Redlands

Installing a Micro-Market in your Redlands office may just be the best way to maximize your staff’s potential. First Class Vending will work with you to install a range of racks, coolers and displays in your available space, essentially turning it into a mini convenience store with an open floor plan. We’ll fill them with any products you choose. This includes non-traditional vending machine fare, such as gourmet salads, a wide range of dairy items and other fresh-made foods. Employees can simply walk in, browse and select the items they want, and bring them to the self-checkout kiosks. Since the store runs itself, there’s no need to man the store. And it can stay open 24 hours a day, catering to any employee’s schedule.

Call 800.515.VEND or e-mail info@firstclassmicromarkets.com to learn more about what First Class Vending can do for your operation today.