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vending machines and office coffee service in Rancho Cucamonga

Installing Vending Machines Throughout Rancho Cucamonga

Finding the right mix of vending machines and products for your Rancho Cucamonga office is a challenge, unless you’re working with First Class Vending. We have many types of vending machines available, including snack vending machines, soda vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines. Our vending machines offer many unique features, such as cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring. Also, our vending equipment and service policies consume less energy and help protect the environment. All vending machines are installed for free, and we offer unique vending agreements to offer subsidized or free vending to your employees.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Ready for Rancho Cucamonga

First Class Vending can install an office coffee program in your Rancho Cucamonga location. Choose from traditional by-the-pot brewers or the more flexible single-cup units. We’ll work with you to find a coffee lineup to best fit your facility needs and employee preferences. We also offer a wide range of teas. Once your coffee program is installed, we’ll come back regularly to restock your coffee/tea supply and maintain your coffee machines. Also, if you have other break room items, such as stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups and plates, to replenish…we’re happy to take this off your hands. Just say the word and we’ll be happy to manage your break room for you. If you’re experiencing bad water quality, call on First Class Vending to fix it. Our water filters are designed to be plumbed into your water supply to remove the impurities that cause bad taste. Once connected to the water supply, you’ll enjoy better tasting water, hot or cold, right from the tap.
vending service and micro-markets in Rancho Cucamonga

Let’s Put a Micro-Market in Your Rancho Cucamonga Office

Want something totally different for your Rancho Cucamonga office. Then talk to First Class Vending about a Micro-Market. Rather than vending machines, we work with the available space in your office to install a range of displays, coolers and racks. Then we fill the store with your choice of items, including fare you don’t typically find in vending programs, such as dairy items, gourmet salads and other fresh foods. Customers can walk through the store, grab the items then want, and handle the transactions themselves using the integrated self-checkout kiosks. And since the kiosks are always on, the store is always open – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

First Class Vending offers this and so much more. Call 800.515.VEND or e-mail us at info@firstclassmicromarkets.com to get the whole story.