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Palmdale vending machines

Vending Machines Keep Employees Refreshed in Palmdale

If you want to increase production and boost morale in a quick, meaningful way, consider First Class Vending. We provide full service vending and multiple service options, whether that’s traditional vending, subsidized vending, or free vending. In addition, our large selection of vending machines includes the following: snack vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, Coca-Cola vending machines, healthy vending machines, and cold food vending machines. Most importantly, we provide the proper technology to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Purchases can be made with a card reader or mobile phone. With one app, employees can use Apple Pay or Google Wallet to quickly make purchases and return to work.

Palmdale Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration Puts a Smile on Their Faces

Coffee is a way to keep employees energized and focused, even on the most intense projects. Our office coffee service is well-loved in Palmdale. We provide single cup brewers and traditional coffee equipment. Lattes and cappuccinos are easily and quickly created in personalized portions with our coffee service. Moreover, if your office enjoys large pots of coffee, our airpots can keep them warm and tasty. We love putting a smile on the faces of Palmdale employees.

Office water is another way to show employees your appreciation. Cold, refreshing water is easily accessible with our office coffee service. We have countertop and floor standing models, which you can choose depending on your breakroom layout. In addition, our water units plumbed in, which offers cold and hot water. This is not only good for keeping employees hydrating, but it is good for enhancing the natural flavors of coffee and tea.
Palmdale office coffee service

Let Palmdale Employees Indulge in the Micro-Market

The micro-market is loved by businesses of all sizes in Palmdale. With your small corner store, employees can visit the breakroom to easily browse and purchase items off the open coolers and wracks. The open market style is appealing and alluring with many options. In fact, a convenience store allows you to provide employees with fresh food and fresh fruit. If you need organic or vegan snack options, this can be accommodated as well. The self-checkout kiosks make checkouts seamless with a simple swipe of a credit card or debit card. The micro-market is admired for many reasons.

If you would like to jumpstart your Palmdale productivity, please give First Class Vending a call at 800.515.VEND or email us at info@firstclassmicromarkets.com.