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La Puente vending machines

La Puente’s Source for State-of-the-Art Vending Machines

You want to keep your La Puente office operating at peak performance. Think about adding a vending machine service from First Class Vending. We have all the snacks, sodas and food items that people crave, served up by the latest in vending machine technologies. Whether you choose a snack vending machine, food vending machine, beverage vending machine or coffee vending machine, they will include features to improve your experience, such as guaranteed product delivery, cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring. All vending machines are provided and installed for free, and we’ll visit regularly to restock your supply and make sure everything is operating up to your standards.

Get an Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service for Your La Puente Location

You don’t have to work hard to make a great cup of coffee in your La Puente office, just call First Class Vending. We’ll provide you with state-of-the-art brewing equipment, from the latest in single-cup brewers to those that brew by the pot. We even have solutions that start with whole beans and end with a ready-to-drink cup of coffee. Our selection of coffees and teas are second to none, and we’ll work to get the brands/flavors your people want most. Beyond providing the coffee makers and coffees/teas, we also will resupply your break room. If you’re tired of shopping for the stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers needed for the office, just let us take care of it for you. First Class Vending is also a supplier of water filtration devices. Available in counter-top and floor standing models, we have a water filter to fit any space. These water filtration units hook up to your water supply, ensuring you have better tasting water from the tap. No need to solve your water problems with a delivery service when you can count on First Class Vending’s complete water filtration service.
La Puente office coffee service

We Can Put a Micro-Market in Your La Puente Office

A Micro-Market from First Class Vending is just what your La Puente office needs to go to the next level of vending. We’ll convert a portion of your office space into a self-sustaining corner store with attractive racks, displays and coolers. Then we’ll fill them with all the products you can imagine including such things as gourmet salads and dairy items, which you don’t typically find with vending machines. Integrated self-checkout kiosks allow customers to take care of transactions themselves. Just walk in, grab what you want, scan, pay and go. Combined with a security camera system, you don’t have to worry about theft…and you can keep the store open 24 hours a day.

First Class Vending has all this and much more. Learn what we can do for your unique operation. Call 800.515.VEND or e-mail info@firstclassmicromarkets.com.