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Carson vending machines

Carson’s Vending Machine Authority

First Class Vending installs many types of vending machines in Carson locations, including snack vending machines, Coca-Cola/Pepsi vending machines, food vending machines and ice cream vending machines. These vending machines feature the latest in high-tech features, including cashless payment options and Sure-Vend guaranteed product delivery technology. We have a large selection of products to fill your vending equipment, including many healthy options. Ask about our unique vending agreements, including subsidized and free vending programs. These are a great way to enhance an already great morale builder.

Providing Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Carson Businesses

Productivity in Carson businesses is being lost every day with people leaving the office or arriving late to get their favorite cup of coffee. Improve productivity, and save your employees some money, by offering professional quality coffee right in your office with an office coffee service from First Class Vending. We’ll work with you to choose the brewing technology that best serves your needs, whether it’s a single-cup brewer or one that can brew up larger volumes of coffee by the pot. Our service not only includes maintaining the brewers and restocking the coffee supply, but also providing other break room necessities, such as stir sticks, napkins, cups, plates and creamers.

Water quality is important, whether you’re needing it to support an office coffee program or as a drink on its own. Don’t rely on a water service, having to pay for water by the 5-gallon jug. Take care of the problem at the source with our water filtration systems. These filters, available in counter-top and floor standing units, attach to your water supply and remove impurities that affect water taste. When installed, all you need to do is turn the faucet to get better tasting hot and cold water.
Carson office coffee service

Carson’s Micro-Market Provider

Maximize your vending selection and satisfaction with a Micro-Market from First Class Vending. Available for install in any Carson business, we work with you to create an open floor plan store right in your office, complete with racks, displays and coolers. We will your open market with your choice of hundreds of items, including healthier fare such as gourmet salads and dairy items. The stores are remotely monitored, so we know, in real time, whether you need to be restocked or not…and which items need restocking. Furthermore, it lets us know what is popular, and what is not, and to adjust accordingly. Self-checkout kiosks integrated into the stores lets the customer handle the transaction. Since there’s no one needed to man the store, it can remain open all day and all night. It’s great for those employees working unusual schedules.

Achieve the highest class of vending services with First Class Vending. Call 800.515.VEND or e-mail info@firstclassmicromarkets.com to learn more.